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Federchimica is the abbreviated name of the Italian Federation of the chemical industry. Founded as the Italian Federation of Chemical Industry Associations in 1920, it became Aschimici in 1945 and was transformed into Federchimica in 1984.

At the present time 1300 companies, with a total of 94.000 employees, are part of Federchimica. They are grouped into 16 Associations, which in turn are subdivided into 43 product groups. Federchimica is a member of Confindustria (General Confederation of the Italian Industry) and CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council).

Federchimica, whose primary objectives are the coordination and the protection of the role of the Italian chemical industry as well as the promotion of its development capacity, has the following main duties:

  • to elaborate guidelines in economic, industrial and trade union matters and also in the areas of environment, innovation and energy policies;
  • to promote these policies with Public Authorities, national economic organisations, other entrepreneurial organisations, international organisations to whom the Federation belongs, trade union leaders, environmental and consumer organisations;
  • to contribute to the establishment of an accurate image of the chemical industry in the public opinion;
  • to carry out studies and projects which inspire and legitimise entrepreneurial choice;
  • to contribute to the constant promotion of the level of quality of the companies associated, with a particular attention to the organisation of initiatives in the field of innovation.

Cheminitaly.it is the Dispalay Window of the Italian Chemical Industry created by Federchimica and ICE (Italian Institute for Foreign Trade).
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Our Structure


Federchimica's structure consists of a General Management Department, six Departments and a Bruxelles Delegation:

Economic Analysis - Internationalisation Department
Economic Analysis Service
Internationalisation Promotion Service
Statistical and Perspective Analysis Service
Fiscal and Consumer Law Service
Foreign Trade Service

Image - Communication Department
Image Service
Press Service

Industrial Relations Department
Contracts and disputes Service
Social and Labour Legislation Service
Education/Training Service
Trade-Union Studies and Data Recording Service

Institutional Relations Department
National and EU Legislative Relations Service
Relations with Central and Regional Public Administrations Service

Internal Relations Department
Administration and Financial Control Service
Information Systems Service
Internal Relations Service
Purchase and home logistic

Technical and Scientific Department
Safety, Health and Environment Service
Chemicals Management Service
Energy Service
Logistics Service
Science and Technology Service
"Responsible Care" Programme
Sector Associations

Bruxelles Delegation
European Legislative Relations and Public Affairs

Sector Association

Federchimica has 16 Associations which refer in their turn to 41 Product Groups and which groups 1.300 companies. When a company joins the Federation, it enters into one or more Associations and the appropriate Product Groups.

The aim of the Associations is to care for the treatment of problems of specific interest to the associated companies by means of the appropriate types of contributions when it is necessary. Each Association has autonomous responsibility within the sphere of Federchimica. It is competent for the treatment of problems of specific interest it and it also gives assistance on a technical and economic level, as well as caring for the image of associated companies. Federchimica’s role in these areas lies in matters relating to Internal and Industrial Relations only.

Plant protection products


Animal health-care products


Fine chemicals and specialties, specialized products and industrial services.

Additives and auxiliaries for the textile, paper-making, tanning industry and for water treatment
Additives and auxiliaries for polymers, elastomers, coating and other
Additives and auxiliaries for the detergents, for the polymerization and surface-active agents
Bitumen sheets for waterproofing
Financial, service, engineering and research
Flavours and fragrances
Food additives and processing aids
Ingredients for dietory supplements and functional food
Intermediates, active ingredients, catalysts and fine chemicals
Lubricants manufacturers
Photosensitive products
Raw materials for cosmetic industry and additives for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry
Starches, organic acids and yeasts

O.T.C. medicines (self-medication medicines)

Pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates

Inorganic chemicals
Organic chemicals
Surfactants and raw materials for detergents

Products and processes of biotechnological origin   

Cleaning and maintenance products

Mineral fertilizers
Organic and organo-mineral fertilizers, Soil conditioners
Specialty fertilizers

Cellulosic & synthetic fibres
Continuous filament
Staple, tow, top

Liquified petroleum gases

Medical gases Technical and special gases

Adhesives and sealants
Paints and varnishes
Printing and silk-screen inks  

Ceramic Glaze, Inorganic Pigments and Metal Oxides 


Advanced materials
Compounds and auxiliaries for plastics, plasticizers and other related products
Thermoplastic resins and systems
Thermosetting resins and systems


Cosmetic products:
distribution through mass-market,
pharmacies, perfumeries, herbalist’s shops
Professional products for hairdressers
Professional products for beauty institutes
Processing for third parties



The chemical industry in Italy
A description of the Italian chemical sector, its companies and the main development trends that characterize its growth.

The role of foreign owned chemical companies in Italy
An overview of the importance and role of foreign owned chemical companies and a survey on the managers' assessment of Italian strenght points.

The chemical industry in Lombardia
This study was realised by Federchimica as a contribution to the project "European Network of Chemical Regions", financed by the European Commission, to which Lombardia Region participate being the second major chemical region in Europe.


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