Welcome to Reach-Serv 

The Reach-Servwebsite has been developed to assist medium and small manufacturers of chemicals throughout Europe with:

  • Compliance with REACH, the Regulation controlling the supply, manufacture and use of chemical substances across the EU;
  • Migration towards alternative, more sustainable, manufacturing chains with lower human health and environmental impact;

 Are you ready
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It contains a set of simple tools and guidance known as the TESS Toolbox.

TESS stands for Toolbox to Support Environmental and Sustainable Systems. It is a suite of tools designed to address the issues raised by the REACH Regulation to promote compliance and sustainability for the future.

The TESS Toolbox has been developed with funding from the European Commission.
Read more...about the TESS project and it's development.  

The website is run under the guidance of a pan-European grouping of chemicals trade associations which includes:

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Last Updated ( Friday, 04 September 2009 )