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The registration of non-phase in substances under REACH began on 1 June 2008.  It applies to substances which do not meet the criteria for phase-in substances, and replaces the ‘Notification of New substances’ procedures implemented under Directive 67/548/EEC

Non-phase-in substances must be registered before manufacture or import above 1 tonne per year can start.  The transitional deadlines for phase-in substances do not apply.

Phase-in substances which have not been pre-registered by 1st December 2008, and do not meet the rules for late pre-registration, are treated as non-phase-in substances under REACH. 

Before submitting a registration for a non-phase-in substance there is a duty to inquire whether a registration has already been submitted for the same substance.  This is to facilitate data-sharing between all potential and previous registrants.


ECHA Technical Guidance: Guidance on registration 
 Guidance on data sharing

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