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Supply Chain Migration to Greener Alternatives

This tool provides a simple systematic methodology to quickly achieve an initial, qualitative assessment of the likely viability of a proposed substitute chemical within a supply chain context

Assessment Process

The assessment is via qualitative questions which are used to evaluate the proposed chemical and/or manufacturing route in terms of Risk and Viability.

Risk – relates to the lack of certainty surrounding any particular response and the implications of this in terms of making the final project outcome more or less reliable. The implications of this aspect of the assessment are particularly important where capital investment is required.

Viability - defines the practical likelihood of the scheme being workable. It embraces an appreciation of cost-effectiveness as well as such practicalities as likely availability of feedstocks, or appropriateness of the product with respect to user demands, or the acceptability of the product in terms of REACH, etc, etc.

Critical failure - the tool provides for ‘critical failure’ which indicates where the proposition has transgressed beyond acceptable viability limits suggesting that the proposal should be abandoned. When this occurs , the reason for the critical failure is given and a suggestion is made as to how to address the critical failure.

Assessment Questions - the systematic methodology requires answers to qualitative questions under the following headings:

1.    Routing Options

2.    REACH Compatibility

3.    Chemical-performance

4.    Chemical Engineering

5.    Sustainability

6.    Environmental Impact

7.    Operating Costs

8.    Supply Chain and Product Pricing

9.    Capital Costs

10.  Safety

11.  Market acceptability

Overall Feasibility Assessment

At section 12 an ‘Overall Feasibility Assessment’ is provided which evaluates the results from all the sections in terms of Risk and Viability. The results are presented on a graphical format for ease of interpretation.

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