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Please read these notes before starting. 

This tool will help you identify your obligations under REACH. 

Your obligations will depend on your role within the supply chain, and may be different for each substance you manufacture, import or use.

The tool can be used for phase-in, new, and non-phase-in substances.

You will be asked a series of questions designed to guide you through the Regulation to arrive at simple statements of your obligations. 

Guidance and/or links to further information are provided to help you answer each question.

Based on your responses, you will arrive at a simple statement which will identify (as appropriate):

  • Your role within the supply chain;
  • Your registration deadline (as appropriate);
  • The minimum information which you will be required to submit with your registration in terms of the Annexes of REACH which apply to your substance;
  • The need to provide a Chemical Safety Report;
  • Your obligations to communicate within the supply chain;
  • Your obligations regarding the classification and labelling inventory;
  • Any other obligations you may have.

Within each statement links are provided to more detailed information to help you comply with your obligations.

Enter a reference for each substance you use the tool for.  This reference will be printed on your statement at the end of your session and need not be the name of your substance


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