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Complying with REACH 

REACH applies to all substances that are manufactured, imported, used or otherwise placed on the market within the EU.  This includes substances on their own, in preparations ( e.g. formulations), and in articles. There are some exemptions to all or parts of REACH, e.g. wastes, and there are also special provisions for some classes of substances e.g. polymers and intermediates. 

This section of the REACH-Serv TOOLBOX will provide you with information to help you comply with your obligations under REACH. 

If you are unsure of your obligations you may first wish to run the OBLIGATIONS TOOL .  This will give you a simple statement of how REACH applies to you for individual substances dependent on your role in the supply chain.

What do you need to know?

 SUPPLY CHAIN ROLESDifferent obligations for different roles in the supply chain
 EXEMPTIONSWhat is exempt from all or part of REACH
 SPECIAL CASESPolymers, intermediates, biocides & 'already registered' substances
 REGISTRATIONWhen & how to register, compiling your dossier and submitting your registration
 DATA SHARING, SIEFS & CONSORTIAA brief guide to data sharing & working in SIEFs and Consortia
 UPDATING  A REGISTRATIONWhen and how to update your registration dossier 
 EVALUATIONHow substance dossiers are evaluated by ECHA and MSCAs
 AUTHORISATIONIdentification of substances of very high concern and what this could mean for your business.
 RESTRICTIONRestrictions on manufacture, supply and use
 PPORD NOTIFICATIONHow to apply for PPORD exemptions
 REACH & ARTICLESObligations for Manufacturers and Importers of articles
 DOWNSTREAM USERSWhat REACH means for Downstream Users
 CLASSIFICATION & LABELLINGClassification & Labelling under REACH & GHS
 SAFETY DATA SHEETS & INFORMATION IN THE SUPPLY CHAINThe extended safety data sheet and your obligations to provide information
 COSTSThe cost of complying with REACH, ECHA fees and more.
 REACH-IT & IUCLID 5Communicating with ECHA
 APPEALS How to appeal against an ECHA or commission decision
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