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REACH Legislation 


The Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 is by far the most significant piece of chemicals legislation to be implemented in recent years.  It will affect the majority of manufacturers, importers and downstream users of chemicals within the EU, and that probably includes YOU!

The aim of this toolbox is to help you to understand what your obligations under REACH are, and provide you with guidance to help you comply with them. 

So, whether you simply want confirmation of your obligations, a brief introduction to REACH, or a more detailed understanding on what you must do and how you might go about it, this toolbox can help.

The TESS team have identified that Intermediates are an area of high concern for SME’s.  They also have special provisions under REACH.  In recognition of this, tailored guidance is also offered on REACH and Intermediates.

Where do you want to start?


‘What is REACH?’ will give you a brief overview of REACH, and its main elements.

Start here if you have little or no knowledge of REACH.


A Q&A tool that will give you a simple statement of your current obligations under REACH based on whether you are a manufacturer, importer, downstream user or distributor of substances. 

Start here to learn more about your obligations under REACH. 


Guidance on how to comply with REACH.  Topics include   registration, PPORD notifications, articles, authorisation and the classification and labelling inventory.

Start here if you need guidance on how to comply with any aspect of REACH, or use the search facility to find the information you need.


Specific guidance on REACH & Intermediates.

Start here if intermediates are your main concern.

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