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If you are a manufacturer (M) or a downstream user (U) of chemical substances you need to define which of these are classified as INTERMEDIATES, and to assemble whatever information is available.  Remember that an intermediate is defined as a substance that is transformed in your operation by chemical reaction, so that in the case of a manufacturer, the intermediate will appear at a certain point in production, and in the case of a downstream user the intermediate will “disappear” by chemical change at some point in the production.  You will need, therefore, to prepare an inventory of your intermediates, with whatever information is available to you.  Because these are chemical substances, the need for a certain amount of technical jargon is unavoidable, and there are certain basic concepts, that are used, including the identification of substances and so on.  In the table in the next section some examples are given with typical information and a blank table is also provided, which you can download and use as a basis for compiling your own inventory.  Bear in mind, under REACH, that there are certain basic concepts, and one of these is the identification of substances with two sets of unique numbers, one being the so-called “CAS Number” and the other the “EC Number” (in the European inventory).  These numbers are available from the Safety Data Sheets, from manufacturers catalogues, technical handbooks and so on, and are essential if you want to proceed further. 

Other useful information may include the quantity manufactured or used, the level and content of information received from your supplier or supplied to you by your customers, any information on hazard classification or the so-calledR-Phrases and so on.  Table 2.3 is provided as a template for your own use, and you should adapt this for your own requirements putting in as many columns as you need to provide for any other information that seems relevant for your purpose.

Substance  CAS No.  EC No.Manufacturer / User Quantity Manufacturing Area Defined or Proposed Hazard ClassificationPhysical / chemical DataRisk Assessment Summary
Acetic Acid64-19-7 200-580-7      
Sodium Hydroxide1310-73-2 215-185-5      
Formaldehyde50-00-0 200-001-8    


Succinic Anhydride108-30-5 203-570-0      

Table  2.2

Substance CAS  No. EC No. Manufacturer / User Quantity Manufacturing AreaDefined or Proposed Hazard
Physical / chemical Data Risk Assessment Summary

Table 2.3 Blank table

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