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This database of bioblocks contains information on chemicals derived from biobased sources. Information includes routes of obtaining chemicals from biomass feedstocks, derivatives derived there from, as well as the routes of this conversion. The database also contains the most important uses of the substances.

Routes of obtaining the building blocks are evaluated in terms of availability of feedstocks, viability, cost-effectiveness and environmental impact of the production process, as well as possible competition with food production. These criteria were previously set as one of the targets of the TESS project.

The database can be browsed from the list of feedstocks and/or building blocks and/or derivatives. Results of the query contain possible feedstocks, routes of production, as well as some uses of the substances.

Some of the substances of interest are already produced from petrochemicals sources. In that case, information on the possible alternative route of production from renewable resources is included.

Other substances have physical and chemical properties that can be used in other novel functions, as replacements for currently used petrochemically derived substances. Potential uses of substances are also a part of the information contained in the database.

Information provided by this database is supported with references from academic and patent literature, as well as other sources of information. References contain actual examples of the processes and substances. They are constantly updated as the new information gets published daily. 



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