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About CIA

The Chemical Industries Association is the trade association for chemical businesses in the United Kingdom, representing chemical companies, both large and small. We have a justifiable reputation of being the most powerful voice in the chemical industry and the one that is consulted and listened to.

We represent around 150 mostly larger companies, of which approximately 70% have overseas parents. This illustrates the increasingly international nature of the industry. Adherence to Responsible Care principles for manufacturing and product stewardship during transportation and use along the value chain is a condition of membership.

We lobby and campaign at the UK and EU level on issues of importance to the industry to ensure that it operates safely, profitably and with due care for the interests of future generations.

Our staff, located in Westminster, are recognised both nationally and internationally as experts on industry policy issues.

The voice of the chemical industry

Chemical businesses in the UK face a whole raft of challenges - volatile energy prices, the right skills mix, innovation, over-regulation, global competition, climate change, sustainability, variable interest rates, waste management, the impact of chemicals on health... and these are just the headline grabbers! There are many, many more.

These challenges are not unique, they impact on all industry sectors, but it is essential that the UK chemical sector has a representative voice that is heard at the highest levels to make sure its thoughts, ideas, convictions and concerns on any issue are listened to and taken into account when and where it matters.

The Chemical Industries Association is that voice. The CIA has a justifiable reputation as being the most powerful collective voice in the industry and the one that is consulted and listened to. Run by its members, for its members, the CIA speaks for all of the chemical sector and takes a leading role in helping members influence important issues that affect the future direction of the industry.

In a constructive and forceful manner we work to secure a sustainable UK chemical industry in partnership with all stakeholders on matters that are of importance to our members.  

"This is one of the very best trade bodies that I deal with. In lobbying, you are balanced, analytical and always helpful with your members interests at heart"

Alan Duncan MP Shadow Business Secretary, 2008 

"You have a powerful advocate in the Chemical Industries Association. A group that helps lead and promote your sector to business, the public and Government, articulating the challenges you face and celebrating your achievements.” 

Rt Hon John Hutton MP
Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, 2007

The basis of our success

We have a pragmatic approach to working through the important issues which holds us in very high regard with all stakeholders.

Our staff are recognised both nationally and internationally as experts on the industry policy issues that count.

The size and diversity of our membership gives us strength:

  • we represent all sizes of business from multi nationals to very small companies
  • our membership covers all sectors of the industry

We lead in offering timely and economical solutions to business needs – REACHReady and CIABATA are examples of this.

We have strong relationships with other key national and international representative bodies where we chair and participate in significant boards and committees making sure the industry is represented where it matters.

Where to find us

Kings Buildings,
Smith Square,

Telephone: 020 7834 3399
Fax: 020 7834 4469
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