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This section provides information on the available (Q)SARs that are useful for the assessment of chemicals in the context of the REACH system, in particular, the use of (Q)SARs to predict human health toxicity endpoints as required in REACH. For details on the regulatory use of (Q)SARs to predict ecologic effects and environmental fate, use the environmental assessment tool. Most (Q)SARs which are used for human health toxicity endpoints are of “expert system” approaches. Below you will find a brief overview on the commonly used commercial expert systems that can be used to predict each toxicity endpoint. Additionally, the mutagenicity and endocrine disruptor sections contain tool which can guide you step by step on how to use these methods in assessing your chemical with some examples.  It is very important to know that the estimation of mammalian toxicity is complicated because the available (Q)SARs programs are very different from each other and unique to certain endpoints, and most are not validated. Therefore, in all cases, (Q)SAR estimations for a health endpoint must be accompanied by experimental data.

Some of the toxicity endpoints required by REACH are listed below. Click on field of interest in this list for further information

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